IAT 445 Immersive Environments

In the final showcase on December 1, the students from my class "Immersive Environments" (IAT 445) presented the high-quality immersive applications they worked on for this semester. The details (including design document and final project videos) of each project are presented below.

Location: WestStone Group Grand Hole (the mezzanine) at SFU Surrey Campus (location map)

Time: 2-6pm on Thursday, December 1st, 2022

Impact: VR Applications for Real-world Changes

Meaningful/transformative immersive experience for making a positive impact on society

The Fugue

Joshua Lukman, Bill Gao, Thanh Truong, Pouria Delfanazari, Herbert Li, Leo He, and Dinh Minh Huong (Megan) Le

"A musician’s inner frights, revealed under stage lights."

The Fugue is an interactive VR experience in which immersants are placed in the psyche of a musician. Doubtful about his capabilities and merits, a celebrated pianist’s perception of reality and dreams becomes increasingly distorted as he prepares for his biggest performance yet. This experience will take you on a journey through performance anxiety, the weight of expectations and the mental obstacles you overcome along the way.

Website of Team 1-1

Satellite Damage

Evan Huang, Ivan Lee, Kaitlyn Lam, Leo Xiong, Nika Styk, and Tung Huynh

"Recover, Repair, Repurpose"

To avoid creating more space trash/debris, you are in charge of doing maintenance on satellites in your orbit. The satellites can come with a variety of different needs: some just need refueling, and others will need repairs that vary in difficulty. The satellites that can no longer be repaired can instead be recycled to provide parts for other satellites. To create a clearer future for space and for humanity, you become the janitor space.

Website of Team 1-2 Emotional Damage

Monkey Vision

Soheila Boscarino, Melvin Hsu, Elaine Lee, and Lily Wang

"Collect, harvest, and survive the amazon forest through the incoming deforestation."

Experience the destruction of the Amazon Forest post deforestation through the eyes of a Black-capped Squirrel Monkey. Surrounded by smoke and destruction, you must navigate the aftermath of human greed and attempt to survive in the demolition of your home. As you rummage through the forest trying to find food, family and rebuild your home, it dawns on you that there might be no limit to human destruction and greed, forcing you to come to terms that this might not be the end.

Website of Team 1-3

Mind Escape

Kain Huang, Shun Guo, Xiandong Lyu, Yilin He, Yuyan Song, and Ziyuan Wang

"Someone’s watching you … always."

It is an exploration and escape game based on time travel, the player as a repairer has to find the task to escape from a controlled world through hints. We designed three different layers to give the player a kind of time and space disorder. The first level is a space station, the second level is a garden and the third level is a surreal world to give the player a different experience and feeling. Each layer of the experience will allow players to consciously or unconsciously experience being monitored, and in the end use their own perception to choose whether to escape from the world.

Website of Team 1-4


Yoher Wang and Zev Tang

"What blooms in the place of death?"

Amanitas is a fantasy role-playing experience set in an Asian-inspired fantasy forest. Users will play as a ‘shroom witch’: a supernatural being tasked with the duty to ferry restless spirits into the afterlife. These spirits will present the users with various dialogue sequences and tasks (such as fetch quests) to be completed in order to allow the spirits to pass peacefully. As the shroom witch, users will be able to enrich themselves in the story and world of Amanitas and learn how to confront death in thoughtful, healthy, and heartfelt ways.

Website of Team 1-5 Frogge Pond

The Thought Police

Zaac Agnes, Thomas Tran, Avril Yang, Hanna Luu, Alvin Leung, and Russell Yuen

"You are free to be a drunkard, an idler, a coward, a backbiter, a fornicator; but you are not free to think for yourself - George Orwell"

The Thought Police is a thought provoking narrative driven game that takes place in a dystopic and tyrannical regime where it is illegal for civilians to have thoughts considered a threat to the desires of the regime. You as the player work at a correctional facility, where you are responsible for determining whether or not the thoughts of the criminals that pass through are deserving of punishment or not. However, should you choose to pass punishment on a deserving criminal, you risk punishment yourself as you act against the will of the regime.

Website of Team 2-1

Shattered Window

Samantha Bachalo, Veer Barmi, Percy Bradley, Vanessa Hau, Eleonora Shive, and Constantine Tsertos

"Fighting Malware from the Inside!"

Are you tired of seeing malicious websites on the internet? Have you ever tried to kill a virus on your computer? In Shattered Windows, you’ll get an insider’s view when you’re tasked with fixing the malware-infected computer from inside of the operating system. You must learn how to ideally deal with pop-ups, scam emails and more to cleanse your system.

Website of Team 2-2 WINDOWS 2122

Haunted Love

Justin Zhang, George Li, Vivian Hsu, Cheryl Liu, Kelly Hu, Justin Yu, and Ray ho

"Confront childhood fears"

As a single player experience, Haunted Love presents an atmospheric world centered around the theme of domestic violence. As an adult, the user visits his old house as it goes up for sale. In order to determine which areas of the house need to be renovated. As he reminisces about his childhood, he begins to relive memories from that time. Therapy is necessary to heal from the traumatic experience. Following the completion of the room checklist, the player will be educated about the dangers of domestic violence.

Website of Team 2-3 Leemon