Selected Works

AR/VR & HCI Research

Viewpoint Transition Techniques in Multiscale Virtual Environments

Building upon prior research on single-scale virtual environments, our study investigates how viewpoint transition techniques support spatial orientation and awareness in multiscale virtual environments (MVEs). We focus on navigating nested structures, examining transition trajectories, interactive control, and speed modulation. Our findings suggest that specific viewpoint transitions can significantly enhance spatial awareness and orientation confidence, thereby reducing the need for multiple visits to target points of interest in MVEs.

Locomotion techniques in Multiscale Virtual Environments

The rapid expansion of multiscale large scale virtual reality environments requires enhanced locomotion control methods. This study introduces an automatic distance control for point-and-teleport locomotion, offering a novel alternative to flying interfaces in multiscale virtual environments. Our findings indicate that this method, especially when augmented with optical flow cues, significantly reduces overshoot and improves navigational accuracy, potentially transforming user interaction in expansive virtual environments.

reflector_1280_4 (1).mp4

Screen-based Interaction Using On-screen Reflection

Reflector is a novel direct pointing method exploiting the unused potential of reflective screens for both distance-independent and confidential interactions. Facilitated by a single camera, its applicability extends to both mobile and desktop settings. When compared with existing input devices such as eye trackers and touchscreens, Reflector demonstrates superior pointing accuracy and a twentyfold reduction in shoulder surfing susceptibility during tasks like 4-digit PIN entries.

Design Tools

High fidelity prototyping for XR application in Unity

My colleagues and I have created a Unity template and guidelines that let designers easily import their high-fidelity prototypes designed with Protopie into Unity 3D and XR environments. This template enables designers without prior knowledge and skills in programming to test their designs in immersive environments with full interactivity that MR and XR Headset (e.g., Meta Quest, HTC Vive, Pico, etc.) and controllers afford. For details, check this article on Protopie's website.

Futuristic UI

Futuristic UI (ofxFuturisticUI) is an UI library that can visualizes any continuous data both from the local memory and the other systems in the local network. In the exhibition of Gamer's Lab Project at Korea Creative Content Agency in 2017, we used this library to visualizes the data of audience's activities collected from the systems of tech demo installation. The library also can be found on (official openFrameworks addons directory).


Floating Memories

Floating memories is a 10-meter floating structure that visualizes the history of 532 years of Chang Gyeong Palace. I designed the texture of the balloon, which is a photo mosaic of a moon with the photos retrieved from Changgyeong Palace archive, and developed software for controlling the lighting and the kiosk for the audience to explore each photo in the mosaic.

The Process Of Evolution

The process of evolution is an AI-powered interactive installation that visualizes machines isolating humans from generating information and contributing to discussion spaces. I presented this work in a special exhibition "Virtual Visual Dystopia" at Objet A, Seoul.

순환 (循環, Circulation)

Circulation is an interactive lighting installation that visualizes the ambiance of music composed by Kayip. I developed the lighting control system which let the lighting designer compose the timing and the color of the lighting using a timeline-based interface.

In the Right Perspective

In the Right Perspective is a lighting sculpture which visualizes "Right View", which is one of the concept of Noble Eightfold Path in Buddhism. In collaboration with colleagues, we created this installation to celebrate the HwaEom Spiritual Music Festival.

Mother's first song

Mother's first song is a promotional campaign for AIA life insurance. I led the development team to develop AI-based gesture interface for controlling sound using sign language.

The Future Canvas

The future canvas is a public installation to promote a new product line "PYL" of Hyundai Motors. I developed a driving interface to enable the audience to interact with the projection-mapped visuals on the installation.